Atualização do Firmware#


OpenWrt is currently only available for the NitroWall NW678

We recommend updating OpenWrt via the pre-installed Attended Sysupgrade. To be able to use this service you need to configure it to ignore the «nitrowall» package, if it has been installed before:

  1. Go to System -> Attended Sysupgrade -> Configuration and enable the Advanced Mode -> Save & Apply

  2. Go back to overview and search for available updates

  3. Search through the list of installed packages and remove the «nitrowall» package. Then Request Firmware Image

  4. Wait for the image to be build. Then install it. Check if «keep settings and current configuration» is set

  5. The software will be installed and the NitroWall will restart.

  6. After the restart we need to reinstall the nitrowall.ipk package. This will resize your disk and add the kernel parameter pcie_aspm=off to your /boot/grub/grub.cfg which fixes a problem with the igb driver bug.

  7. Under System -> Software -> Upload Package, upload the package

    ../_images/openwrt_installnw2.png ../_images/openwrt_installnw1.png
  8. Install it. Afterwards the NitroWall will restart.

  9. Update OpenWrt via Attended Sysupgrade.

Alternatively to the above instructions, you can login via ssh and execute this script:

BOOT="$(sed -n -e "/\s\/boot\s.*$/{s///p;q}" /etc/mtab)"
echo "INFO: resize partion ${ROOT}"
parted -s -a opt ${DISK} "resizepart ${PART} 100%"
LOOP="$(losetup -f)"
losetup ${LOOP} ${ROOT}
echo "INFO: resize filesytem ${ROOT}"
fsck.ext4 -y -f ${LOOP}
resize2fs ${LOOP}
echo "INFO: add pcie_aspm=off as boot parameter"
sed -i s/rootwait/rootwait\ pcie_aspm=off/g /boot/grub/grub.cfg