Connect Your Linux Computer#

Connect using the Nextcloud App#

  1. Download the client application from:


    Most distributions do provide the Nextcloud client via their package managers. (e.g., Ubuntu, Arch Linux, Mint, …)

  2. After starting the nextcloud application, you will find it as a tray icon.

  3. Add an account using your public server url, username and password. Further you can choose the target directory the files should be synced to.

Connect using WebDAV#

  • Mounting Nextcloud using WebDAV can be done directly via most file managers, by adding a “remote server”.

  • Additionally you can mount your Nextcloud files using WebDAV via commandline and /etc/fstab by installing the davfs2 package.

  • To mount use:

    mount -t davfs https://my.domain.tld/remote.php/webdav/ /mnt/target/path