Firmware Update#

For the general firmware update follow this guide . Afterwards we need to reinstall blue-merle:

  1. Make sure the NW750 has a working Internet connection

  2. Connect with the WiFi and login to the alternativ OpenWrt at using username root and the same password used for the other web interface

  3. Go to “System” -> Software

  4. Click “update list”. This can take a while but if it fails it means you have no Internet connection.

    ../../_images/750_3.png ../../_images/750_4.png ../../_images/750_5.png
  5. click “upload packackge” and upload blue-merle

  6. Click “install”

    ../../_images/750_update.png ../../_images/750_install_finish.png

Your firmware has been successfully updated.