Firmware Update#

For the general firmware update follow this guide . Afterwards we need to reinstall blue-merle:

  1. Make sure the NW750 has a working Internet connection

  2. Connect with the WiFi and login to the alternativ OpenWrt at

  3. Go to “System” -> Software

  4. Click “update list”. This can take a while but if it fails it means you have no Internet connection.

    ../../_images/750_3.png ../../_images/750_4.png ../../_images/750_5.png
  5. click “upload packackge” and upload blue-merle_2.0.1-101_mips_24kc.ipk

  6. Click “install”

    ../../_images/750_update.png ../../_images/750_install_finish.png

Your firmware has been successfully updated.