Dynamic DNS Setup#

There are two ways to configure a dynamic DNS provider to be used and updated by your NextBox instance.

In contrast to the backwards proxy remote access method, this approach will ensure full end-to-end encryption using your very own TLS certificate acquired from Let’s Encrypt.

Guided Dynamic DNS#

The guided setup will register an account at desec.io for you. Please follow these steps to configure your NextBox using the Guided Dynamic DNS method:

  • In step one you need to provide an e-mail address and the domain you would like to register. Please make sure that you have access to this e-mail account and the domain ends with .dedyn.io. You can continue to the next step by registering at `desec.io`_ or without (e.g., if you have already registered this domain before)

  • After the registration at desec.io you will receive a verification e-mail, which will guide you through the registration process at desec.io. Once completed you will be presented with a secret token, which is needed in step two.


If you do not receive a verification e-mail try reset password (using the same e-mail address) at desec.io to set a password, which will allow you to login into your account.

  • In step two the just acquired secret token shall be inserted into the input field to complete your guided dynamic dns configuration.


Your token will only be presented once to you (after the verification process). If you need a new token, you need to create a new one inside the token management inside your desec.io account settings.

  • Once the 2nd step is completed you can Continue to TLS activation - see below…

Custom Dynamic DNS#

To update your dynamic DNS provider with your currently used IP(s), NextBox is using ddclient, which can be directly configured here or via the Guided DNS method described before.

In this configuration you need the provide the domain this configuration is enabling and the contents of the ddclient.conf used by ddclient. Various examples can be found at the official documentation, the one used for the guided DNS configuration uses the following template:

use=cmd, cmd='curl https://checkipv4.dedyn.io'
  • Once you actiavted this configuration, you can Continue to TLS activation - see below

Enable TLS#

On this page first wait for the status-bars to settle and mainly ensure that reachability of your NextBox is tested successfully. If this is the case, just click Enable TLS to acquire your TLS certificate.


If the reachibility test fails, make sure your port forwarding is configured properly.