Getting Started#


  1. Connect NextBox to your Internet router via network cable.

  2. Connect the power cable to the NextBox, you can use any of the two USB-C ports.

  3. Once powered the NextBox will start

  4. Wait approx. 5 minutes and open “http://nextbox.local” in your web browser - this duration may vary. The NextBox is ready once the LED is constantly green (see LEDs).


    External storage drives without an external power supply must NOT be connected to the USB sockets. Otherwise, this can lead to data loss on the internal hard disk. Always use external storage drives with a separate power supply together with the NextBox.

Create Admin Account#

  1. Enter your desired username and password. Remember to choose a strong password for your admin account.



    An occurring warning can be ignored since you are on your local network.

  2. Press “Finish Setup”. This process may take a few minutes.


Ready To Go#

This is all it takes to get started with your NextBox. From this point you are free to choose how you would like to make the best use of your personal Nextcloud-powered cloud. To get you started, here is a collection of ideas to continue on:

  • Set up remote access for your NextBox to allow access to your private cloud from the internet. Our guide covers various approaches.


    We prepared a one-click remote access method, allowing you to set up basic remote access in seconds.

  • Connect your devices to your NextBox. For smartphones the official Android App and iOS App are both great additions for your personal cloud. Apart from these there are also Windows, macOS, Linux clients available, which integrate seamlessly into the OS of your choice. For Android smartphones you might want to read our pictured guide.

  • Browse the vast amount of apps for your Nextcloud at the official store for Nextcloud apps. Alternatively, just browse, find and install directly from within your NextBox via the built-in app manager and browser.

  • Extend your Dashboard using the various Dashboard Integrations to create your personal information hub.

  • Share photos, documents, any files, bookmarks and much more with your family and friends, or become part of a Federation and share, communicate and collaborate with other Nextcloud users.

  • Your communications under your control - use Nextcloud’s powerful groupware apps like Mail, Contacts, Calendar or even Deck to have all your personal data under your control or to organize and work together with others.

More interested in technical details? Or in Open-Source in general? Then head over to the NextBox repositories at GitHub, leave a star, contribute or discuss latest ideas and plans with us.