LED Colors and Patterns

Color Pattern Description
Dimmed-out-Blue None NextBox is booting
Green None NextBox Daemon active and in regular operating mode
Green Fast-Blink Nextcloud is starting up (docker starting)
Blue None (Reset) button is currently being pressed
Yellow None Initializing NextBox Daemon
Yellow Blink NextBox Daemon update check/apply
Red Blink Factory-Reset is ongoing
Purple None Nextcloud Maintenance mode active
  • Fast-Blink means 0,5secs on and 0,5secs off
  • Blink means 2secs on and 2secs off

If the LED is purple, the Nextcloud instance is in maintenance mode, you can force exit the maintenance mode by pushing the hardware button shortly, once. The NextBox will then switch-off the maintenance mode.


As of today if the maintenance mode is switched using the button press, the “mail” app will in addition be disabled as the version 1.11.0 together with Nextcloud version 21.0.0.x will never exit the maintenance mode.