Getting Started

By default you have a secure smartphone, already pre-installed with all the most necessary apps.

  1. Set up a six-digit PIN to protect the phone. In cooperation with the security chip, this will ensure high security while maintaining good usability.
  2. Please familiarize yourself with using your GrapheneOS.

App Store

For very high security requirements, you should use as few apps as possible to provide a small attack surface. If instead you want to use the NitroPhone as an everyday smartphone with more apps we recommend:

  1. install the App Store F-Droid. This has exclusively open source apps that do without drastic tracking and without advertising. Here you will find thousands of apps from a wide variety of fields. If you are looking for an app, check F-Droid first.
  2. If the apps in F-Droid are not enough for you, open F-Droid and install Aurora Store. In Aurora Store, you can install all apps from Google Play Store.
  3. Many apps work without Google Play Services. However, if you want to use apps that require Google Play Services, you can install Google Play Services in a sandbox as follows. In the future, an installer will be provided to simplify the installation process. Optional: To prevent some apps from accessing Google Play Services, install Google Play Services in a separate profile. To do this, install Shelter from the F-Droid store beforehand. Then, perform the following installation steps in the working profile.
    1. Install
    2. Install
    3. Download all 5 files from
    4. Open Aurora Store and install Split APKs Installer (SAI).
    5. Open Split APKs Installer and install all five files you downloaded in step 3. Note: The correct base file has probably been renamed to base (2).apk.
    6. From the home screen, select: Settings -> Apps -> Google Play services and disable battery optimization
    7. Open the Google Play Store once and press “Sign in” to start the initialization. You don’t have to finish the sign in and a real login is not necessary. This is solely to initialize the software.


The Google Play Store cannot install and update apps due to the sandbox. Instead, always use F-Droid (for open source apps) or Aurora Store (for apps from Google Play Store) to install apps.

Compatible Apps

Here you can check the compatibility of some popular apps.

Permissions of Individual Apps

To check or change the permissions on network access and sensors for a specific app:

Long press on the respective app icon -> app info -> permissions

Scramble PIN Layout

To make it difficult for strangers to read the PIN when typing it in, you can display the PIN layout in a random order. Additionally, we recommend a privacy screen. To enable, select:

Settings -> Security -> PIN scrambling -> Scramble PIN

Kill Switch

Kill Switches, which erase all the phone’s data when triggered, are very risky in practice as they could be triggered unintentionally. Therefore, the NitroPhone instead has the feature to automatically shut down and restart when inactive for a set period of time. This puts the phone in a secure state where all data is encrypted, no data is in RAM, and the phone can only be unlocked with the legitimate PIN or password. To enable, select:

Settings -> Security -> Auto reboot -> select the idle time duration after which the phone should reboot

Warning “Your device is loading a different operating system”

Shortly after the phone is turned on, the warning “Your device is loading a different operating system” is displayed. This warning indicates that no ordinary Google Android is running and can be ignored.

If you want to check the integrity of the operating system, you can use remote verification.

Boot screen

Background Images

You can use these nice background images.

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