Installing nitropy on Windows#


Generally Windows support and the installer are experimental - please use with caution.


If you already use Python on your system and are familiar with the command prompt, you can alternatively install nitropy with pipx, see Installing nitropy With pipx.

How to Install#

  1. Download the latest .exe file from releases.

  2. Open the command console in the administrator mode (Windows 10: press the right mouse button on the Menu Start and select “Windows PowerShell (Admin)” from the menu).

  3. Change to the directoy of the .exe (something like cd C:\Users\YOURUSER\Downloads)

  4. Execute nitropy-VERSION.exe


If you’re using Microsoft Edge, the downloaded .exe might be marked as “untrused” by Windows. To mark it as trusted anyway, click the three dot on the right of the warning, then “keep”, then “show more” and finally “keep anyway”.

The warning displayed by Edge
The keep anyway button


Without administrator privileges nitropy might not be able to communicate to the device.

Known Issues#

  • Support for Nitrokey Start under Windows 10 is not working without installing libusb libraries (to be described)

  • The installer does not remove a previous installation (manually remove it using settings -> programs and apps)