Getting Started#

This chapter describes the physical installation and provisioning of the NetHSM.

Verify Sealed Hardware#

Your NetHSM hardware has been delivered in a sealed packaging.

Please follow the three step process closely to verify that it has arrived safely.

  1. Check the wrapping paper for any tears, cuts, holes or broken sealing.

    Package front side

    Package front side#

    Package back side

    Package back side#

    Package bottom side

    Package bottom side#

    Package top side

    Package top side#

    Package left side

    Package left side#

  2. Check the unique handmade glitter seal on top of the wrapping paper. You will receive a picture of it from us after wrapping via e-mail. Compare the received picture with the seal. If you notice any changes, please contact us to arrange further action.

    Package sealing

    Package sealing#

  3. After verifying that the sealing of the wrapping paper is not broken, remove the wrapping paper. Finally, check the four seals on the side of the NetHSM hardware.

    Positions of the four seals

    Positions of the four seals#

    Seal on the side of the chassis

    Seal on the side of the chassis#

Hardware Installation#

The NetHSM hardware chassis is designed to be rack mounted. Please make sure it is installed in a compatible rack. Please follow the two step process closely to install the NetHSM hardware.

  1. Connect the power cable with the Power Port, and the network cable with the Network Port. Further, press the Power Switch to turn on power.

    Back side of the server

    Back side of the server#

  2. Press the Power Button to turn on the NetHSM hardware. The Reset Button is only for a forced reboot of the NetHSM hardware. If the NetHSM hardware is running, the Power Indicator on the front will light.


    Do not use the BMC Network Port because it allows wider system access.

    Front side of the server

    Front side of the server#

In an unprovisioned state the NetHSM hardware factory default IP address is


A new NetHSM needs to be provisioned first with passphrases and the current time. The Admin Passphrase is for the first user account, which is the superuser of the NetHSM. The Unlock Passphrase is used to decrypt NetHSM’s User Data.

The initial provisioning is executed as follows.

Optional Options



-t, --system-time

The system time to set (Format: YYYY-MM-DDTHH:MM:SSZ)


If the time is passed manually, make sure to pass the time in UTC timezone.


If the time is not passed manually, it will be derived from the system nitropy is running on.


$ nitropy nethsm --host $NETHSM_HOST provision
Unlock passphrase:
Repeat for confirmation:
Admin passphrase:
Repeat for confirmation:
NetHSM localhost:8443 provisioned


The default boot mode is Unattended Boot. Please refer to chapter Boot Mode to learn more.