Software FAQ#

Q: What kind of public key is expected for SSH access?

An openssh style (public) key is expected. Depending on your operating system there are different ways to determine your public key. One might be ssh-add -L, another might be cat ~/.ssh/ If you are using Putty, please see the Putty documentation.

Q: Can the operating system be extended or configured manually?

Yes, you can set up ssh access through the NextBox Nextcloud app. Afterwards you can access your NextBox using ssh and you can do with the system whatever you want. Obviously we will only provide support for the NextBox stock configuration.

Q: Where can I see a changelog for the NextBox versions?

Currently only here: Launchpad NextBox

Q: How can I update the Operating System?

There is no need to update the NextBox OS by hand. This is done using unattended-upgrades and on top the nextbox-daemon will check for upgrades manually (as a redundant fallback solution) on every start. You are free to update your OS by hand using apt, if you know what you are doing.

Q: Is the NextBox running a 32bit or 64bit operating system?

The used OS is a 64bit system. The arch output: aarch64.

Q: Which users and default passwords are created by default on the NextBox’s operating system?

There is not one single default password set on any (system) user. The only non-system user created is named nextuser, without a default password. The only way to access the NextBox is using ssh with a public key, which can be set via the NextBox App.