(Nitrokey 3 - macOS)

Here you will find a collection of common issues.

Nitrokey is Not Detected on Linux#

If the Nitrokey is not detected, proceed as follows:

  1. Copy this file 41-nitrokey.rules to /etc/udev/rules.d/.

  2. Restart udev via sudo service udev restart.

Google and Microsoft Services#

Currently there seems to be a bug we hope to fix soon which affects the Nitrokey 3 working with some Google and Microsoft Services per FIDO2.

Timeout Bug#

There is a bug with the Nitrokey being recognized by the system, where a timeout occurs before the connection succeeds.

NFC is Not Working#

Please make sure FIDO2 is working correctly. Otherwise NFC won’t work either.

Also check if you are using the right spot on your smartphone. Find the right spot using:

The backside of the Nitrokey has to be held against the smartphone. For the USB-A version it might be helpful to lift the side with the USB connector slightly to reduce the distance to the end part of the stick.

If you have a phone cover, try to find the right spot first without it. Retry afterwards with the cover.

The search of the optimal spot sometimes took up to 20-30 sec. In our experience holding the Nitrokey in an horizontal orientation yields better results.If you still encounter issues please write a mail to our support. For optimal help please include the shipping/order number and your smartphone model.

Update Via Does Not Work#

Currently the web updater doesn’t support the Nitrokey 3. However you can get the latest firmware using these instructions.