Factory Reset#

Each functionality of the Nitrokey 3 can be reset individually.


The Factory Reset operation deletes all (and generates new) secret FIDO2 keys stored in the Nitrokey:

  • nitropy tool: nitropy fido2 reset (execution requires Administrator rights)

  • Google Chrome: Manage security keys via the direct link: chrome://settings/securityKeys


Static passwords and One-Time Passwords (OTP) can be reset with nitropy nk3 secrets reset.


The OpenPGP Card can be reset with GnuPG: gpg --card-edit, then admin and factory-reset.

PIV Smartcard#

The PIV smartcard can be reset using the following command:

opensc-tool -s 00:A4:04:00:0B:A000000308000010000100 -s 00:20:00:80:08:FFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF -s 00:20:00:80:08:FFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF -s 00:20:00:80:08:FFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF -s 00:FB:00:00