Enable Network Settings, e.g. Wifi#

To be able to use Wifi, Bluetooth and other functionalities, “Settings” must be activated in “sys-net”.

  1. Click on the top left Qubes Icon and select Qubes:Settings under sys-net.

  2. Go to Applications, select “Settings” and click “>” to move it to the right side.

  3. Click “Apply” and after wards “Ok”.

  4. Now you should have “Settings” visible under sys-net.


    If it won’t open Settings after clicking on it, please follow the instructions below.

Fix sys-net Settings#

  1. Go to the sys-net Terminal.

  2. Open the bashrc-file with sudo vim ~/.bashrc.

  3. Press “i” to enable the editing and add export XDG_CURRENT_DESKTOP=GNOME to the file.

  4. Save the changes with :wq.

  5. Restart your NitroPad.

  6. Now Settings should be visible.