Nitrokey 3 FAQ#

Q: Which Operating Systems are supported?

Windows, Linux and macOS. Also some support for Android and iOS.

Q: What can I use the Nitrokey for?

See the frontpage for an overview of supported use cases.

Q: How can I check if my Nitrokey 3 is working?

On you can check various high-level functionalities, while provides good developer level details (technical) details.

Q: Where is the right spot for NFC on my smartphone?

Use to find the right spot!

Q: What happens if I lose my device?

When securing accounts using FIDO (two-factor authentication and passwordless login), you should configure another factor in your account as a backup. Depending on the service this backup factor can be a phone number, an app or even a second Nitrokey FIDO2. If you lose a device, you can still log in with the second Nitrokey (or with another second factor).

Q: How large is the storage capacity?

The Nitrokey 3 doesn’t contain storage capability for ordinary data (it can only store cryptographic keys and certificates).

Q: Why does the Nitrokey 3 not show up in GnuPG

Make sure to install a firmware more recent than version 1.4.0. For more information, see the firmware-update page for your operating system.

Q: Why does the Nitrokey 3 not show up in Nitrokey App?

Nitrokey 3 does only show up and can be managed in “nitropy” and “Nitrokey App 2, not in Nitrokey App 1”.

Q: Which algorithms and maximum key length are supported?

See the following table:


Pro + Storage

Pro 2 + Storage 2

Nitrokey 3








NIST-P 192

NIST-P 256

NIST-P 384-521

Brainpool 192

Brainpool 256-320

Brainpool 384-521




Q: How can I set the PIN for my Nitrokey 3?

The Nitrokey 3 has distinct PINs for each feature. Please refer to the chapter of your respective operating system (Linux, Mac OS, Windows).

Q: Is the Nitrokey 3 Common Criteria or FIPS certified?

The secure element is Common Criteria EAL 6+ security certification up to OS level (See here, click “ICs, Smart Cards and Smart Card-Related Devices and Systems” and search for: “NXP JCOP 4 SE050M”).

Q: How to use Nitrokey 3 with Azure Entra ID (Active Directory)?

After disabling Enforce Attestation Nitrokey 3 is supported by Azure Entra ID out of the box.