Firmware Update#

(Nitrokey 3 - Windows)

This guide describes how to update the firmware on the Nitrokey 3.


Currently updating the firmware will delete all user data! Make sure you have proper backup login methods enabled and/or ensure that the Nitrokey 3 is not the only way to authenticate/2FA for your applications/services.

How to Update#


Never disconnect the Nitrokey 3 or abort the process while updating, this will likely render your device useless!

  1. Make sure you have the latest pynitrokey version installed, please check the installation instructions for your OS.

  2. Run nitropy nk3 update.

  3. Touch device to activate bootloader (once instructed by nitropy).

  4. macOS only: Run update command again (once instructed by nitropy).

  5. Wait 3-10mins on macOS/Linux, 12-25mins on Windows.

  6. The update is finished.

  7. Optional: run nitropy nk3 test to check if device is working properly after flashing.

In case of any errors please take the logs from /tmp directory (/tmp/nitropy.log.*).