Two-factor Authentication for Google#

These are the basic steps for registering the Nitrokey Pro or Nitrokey Storage as a second factor of a Google account:

  • Go to

  • Click “2-Step Verification” on the right side

  • You need to define a first 2-Step Verfication (e.g. your phone number) method to have access to the alternative second step option (the first 2-Step Verification can’t be the security key)

  • Choose “Authenticator App” as second step (though you won’t actually need the app)

  • Choose Android -> press on “Can’t scan it” below the qrcode to see the secret key

  • Copy the key (you can ignore the whitespaces, they do not get copied anyway!) and paste the key into the corresponding field in the Nitrokey App

  • Click “Next” and follow the instructions (but you use the Nitrokey App instead of the Google Authenticator app to generate the keys)

It is possible to use the same secret key for the Google Autenticator app and the Nitrokey App as well. Just make sure to follow the above procedure and use the qrcode for the Authenticator app afterwards before clicking “Next”. Now you can use either the Google Authenticator app or the Nitrokey App.