Linux Install#

Flathub / Flatpak#

The preferred installation method for Linux is through Flathub:

  1. Setup flathub / flatpak

  2. Execute flatpak install flathub com.nitrokey.nitrokey-app2 to install (or use the native Flathub integration of your Operating System i.e., “Software” on Ubuntu systems)

  3. Set up the udev rules for nitropy

  4. Start Nitrokey App2 using either flatpak run com.nitrokey.nitrokey-app2 or use the created entry in your start-menu


Currently updating a Nitrokey 3 Mini is not supported through the flatpak package. This will be fixed in one of the next releases.

Manual Installation#

  1. Download the binary for Linux Nitrokey App 2

  2. Extract the archive and set the binary as executable

  3. Set up the udev rules for nitropy

  4. Execute the binary