Firmware Update#

(NitroPad - Ubuntu Linux)

This guide describes how to update the Heads firmware of the NitroPad.

These instructions are relevant in the following cases:

  • You want to update the Heads firmware.

  • You have already performed an OEM factory reset, but the TPM counter has not been reset.


  1. Connect your NitroPad to a power plug and load its battery to over 70%

  2. Download the latest firmware and store it on a USB drive. For the NitroPad T430 use nitropad-t430-[version].npf and for the NitroPad X230 use nitropad-x230-[version].npf.

  3. For hash sum verification, store sha256sum file at the USB drive.

Firmware file verification#

It is mandatory to run a firmware file consistency check before writing it to the device. After copying the firmware file to the USB drive make sure the latter is properly unmounted/ejected to avoid write issues. The consistency check should be run on NitroPad, so the data verified will be exact same as the later read by the update application. This action will not be required in the further firmware updates.

  1. Start Nitropad and open recovery console from Options -> Exit to recovery shell

  2. Execute the following to verify the firmware:

$ mount-usb              # select USB device
$ cd /media
$ sha256sum -c sha256sum

For v1.1-rc3 version this should result in:

$ sha256sum -c sha256sum
nitropad_x230_v1.1-rc3.rom: OK

This confirms the content of the file is as expected. Please reboot the Nitropad to continue (either by switching off and powering on again, or hitting CTRL+ALT+DELETE).


This is the actual update procedure. Usually the first two screens will not be shown - in that case please start from step 3.

  1. (Optional screen) Select “Ignore error and continue to default boot menu”.

  1. (Optional screen) Select “Ignore error and continue to default boot menu”.

  1. Go to “Options”.

  1. Select “Flash/Update the BIOS”.

  1. Please confirm the first option.

  1. Confirm the process with Enter.

  1. Select the desired .npf file.

  1. Confirm the process with Enter.

  1. Confirm the restart with Enter.


You have successfully updated your firmware!

Further steps#

In case ERROR: TOTP Generation Failed! screen will show up, please follow the instructions for Factory Reset (on the left side menu), starting from step 11.