Firmware Update#


You should backup all data from the device before upgrading, as firmware upgrades may destroy all data on the device (especially coming from firmware version <0.45)!


Never disconnect the Nitrokey Start or abort the process while updating, this will likely render your device useless

  1. Download the Nitrokey App and the program “dfu-programmer” which should be available through your package-manager, e.g. apt-get update && apt-get install dfu-programmer on Debian-based systems.

  2. Download the latest firmware “.hex” file from here and store it as “firmware.hex” in your home folder. Older releases are here.

  3. Right click on the icon of the Nitrokey App and go to “Configure” -> “Enable Firmware Update”. The default firmware password is ‘12345678’.

    Enable firmware update


    The Nitrokey Storage is not detected by Nitrokey App anymore once update mode got activated. You have to proceed with the instructions described below to make it work again.

  4. Open a terminal and execute:

    sudo dfu-programmer at32uc3a3256s erase
    sudo dfu-programmer at32uc3a3256s flash --suppress-bootloader-mem firmware.hex
    sudo dfu-programmer at32uc3a3256s launch
    # versions <0.7 of dfu-programmer use "start" instead of "launch"

    whereas “firmware.hex” needs to be the path and file name of the firmware which you downloaded in step 2.