Firmware Update With Qubes OS#

This guide describes how to update Nitrokey 3’s firmware with nitropy in Qubes OS.


please read the general firmware update instructions before! Since for specifc versions there are limitations regarding what data is possible to migrate to the new version.


Install nitropy in a app VM of your choice following the installation instructions.

How to Update#


Never disconnect the Nitrokey 3 or abort the process while updating, because it will likely render your device unusable!

  1. Run nitropy nk3 reboot --bootloader in app VM.

  2. Once instructed by nitropy touch the device to activate the bootloader.

  3. This will detach the nitrokey from the app VM, and the bootloader will apear in sys-usb

  4. Attach the bootloader to the app VM

  5. Run nitropy nk3 update and follow the instructions. This will reboot the Nitrokey to finalice the update eventually.

  6. Re-attach the Nitrokey back to th app VM

In case of any errors please take the logs from /tmp directory (/tmp/nitropy.log.*).